Legal services begin with a complimentary initial consultation and concludes with a practical framework for best practices in drafting your individual or mirror Wills with specialized or general Power(s) of Attorney. Building on three decades of successful Estate practices, NIGEL MACLEOD will facilitate your deliberation and choices about arranging an informed and cost-effective family plan. Modern best practices include possible consideration of end-of-life decision making with sustainable special trusts, life estates and tax planning.
Additionally, we offer Eldercare Mediation – a process management tool which can benefit all family members and their interests with proven communication and facilitation techniques. Eldercare Mediation is aimed at initiating and implementing a wise and durable arrangement in full recognition of challenging conversations and critical decision-making while managing family dynamics.
Our Estate Chambers combine specialized and experienced legal services with innovative and proven communications management. The result is a client-centered, successful process which facilitates your best planning.


Wills and Power of Attorney:

Our information collection and client consultation meetings will coordinate your current practical plans (Power of Attorney) with final estate wishes (Last Will & Testament). For current and practical purposes, we recommend a Power of Attorney to structure your financial, property and/or personal care arrangements. Additionally, we further consider your final estate planning with respect to choosing an appropriate Executor to manage your testamentary wishes in your formally executed Last Will & Testament.



Upon the Executor’s direction, NIGEL MACLEOD will coordinate the Estate Application for the purposes of formalizing the Executor’s authority and Estate responsibilities. This is the Application for Appointment of Estate Trustee which is formally known as probating the Will. We will ensure the timely and comprehensive resolution of the Estate.